Lake Naivasha is an international Ramsar site that has prolific birdlife, from majestic fish eagles to tiny malachite kingfishers. Large concentrations of waterfowl, among them red-knobbed coot, African spoonbills and little grebe. Black bass and Tilapia are caught in the lake, but illegal fishing methods gave rise to temporary fishing bans in 2002 & 2012, which has helped to increase fish stocks. The lake is also home to a sizeable hippo population, which makes it common to see hippo grazing in the moonlight.

Get up close and personal with African nature whilst escorted on a nature walk with our Trained Game Wardens. For the birdwatchers, experience over 340 species of both aquatic and terrestrial birdlife. Our Guided walks range from 30 mins leisurely walks to 2 hour hikes within the Conservancy and the adjacent hills. Experience the thrill of walking tall amongst the Giraffe, Buffalo, Eland and a myriad of other wildlife in order to observe them in their natural habitat. Then to top it off enjoy a classic sundowner right by the lake…before the hippos come out to graze!

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